CY200™ Cyclone™ Cleaning Technology

Advance’s new high-pressure outdoor surface cleaning system with Cyclone™ technology removes heavy buildup in a single pass, recovers waste water, and filters out contaminants for water re-use. The cleaning system – comprised of the CY200™ walk-behind cleaning head and TR5500™ water delivery and recycling trailer – utilize Advance’s unique Cyclone™ cleaning technology to provide superior results, faster cleaning times, and reduced water consumption.

The system’s unique Cyclone cleaning head with eight turbine blades spins at high speeds to create a vortex of air, water and debris equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. The rotation of the head and turbine blades creates lift and keeps water from pooling, which simultaneously allows incoming high-pressure water to directly contact the surface while providing water recovery without a vacuum system. Recovered water is efficiently pumped back to the trailer system, where waste contaminants are filtered out in a three-stage filtration system and clean water is sent back to the cleaning head for re-use.

“Cyclone is a huge leap towards faster, greener and cleaner outdoor surface cleaning,” said Erich Schroeder, product manager for Advance. “Outdoor surface cleaning and pressure washing has a history of being very labor-intensive and time-consuming, wasting a lot of water, and producing inconsistent results. The CY200 and TR5500 eliminate many of the hassles of traditional outdoor surface cleaning, and we’re excited to now be able to offer the industry-leading Cyclone technology on a highly affordable platform.”

Compared to traditional spinner head pressure washing, Cyclone provides deeper cleaning, delivers consistent results, reduces water use, and leaves no standing water (aiding EPA water runoff compliance) as a result of new-to-the-industry features, including:

Eight high-speed turbine blades rotate within the cleaning head to help create lift for complete water recovery without a vacuum system.

The vortex of water, debris and air created by the turbine blades simultaneously moves over and scours the surface for deeper cleaning while keeping water from pooling under the cleaning head.

Reclaimed water is sent through a three-stage, inline filtration system that filters out contaminants and sends clean, reusable water back to the cleaning head.

The CY200 and TR5500 with Cyclone cleaning technology are ideal for cleaning sidewalks, outdoor surfaces at parking decks and lots, outdoor entertainment venues, universities, airports, corporate campuses and other hard-surface outdoor areas. Optional heated-water and ultra-high-pressure models are available for demanding applications. The CY200 walk-behind cleaning head can be used as a turnkey system with the TR5500, coupled with the Advance TR5000™ trailer without water recycling, or used with any other pressure washing trailer systems that recover waste water.


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